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Paid Event A-Z Overview

Click here: Step by step instructions with screenshots on how to create a paid event (PDF)

How to start an event

Your ‘calendar’ page is a place to post events. The most recent event will appear at the top, older events will cycle down the page, and once an event has passed, it will move from the event listing to a 'past events' page, automatically. The next several scheduled events will display automatically on the home page.

  1. Log in
  2. On the front end of your site, click Programs and Events in the menu bar. When in your event calendar, click New Event. OR from the admin dashboard, choose calendar from your list of pages, then click Events and sub-pages then choose New Event.
  3. Enter an event name in Name. 
  4. Slug will populate automatically. 
  5. Set Status to "draft"
  6. Click Create Page and the event will be saved.
  7. Enter content. (Watch an overview of event setup that covers each field, including different ticket levels, payment options, setting  up an auto-confirmation email and checking people in at the event) 
  8. Once content has been entered and proofed, publish the event by going to Settings and change the status to Published
  9. Save

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Create event with registration

  • Under website, your club’s page, select calendar.
  • Click on the events & subpages tab, and choose the new event sub-tab.
  • Fill out the basic event information according to the details of your event.
  • You may schedule the post to go live on the site on a specific date/time.
  • Under status, you may also select publish to have it automatically posted to your page.

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Past events: 

  • Broken images in past events: 
    • in the new Event page, go ahead and upload a photo to the Files tab.  
    • Once uploaded, if you right click on the photo link, you can click "Copy Link Location"- this will grab the URL for where the photo is housed.
    • Then, in the Intro section where you can indicate details of the event, go ahead and click the button to upload an image, but instead of using the dropdown menu to select the image, you can paste the link into the box for the photo URL.

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